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Meet Michele Wirth

- Owner of Simply Travel

Michele Wirth

“The reason Simply Travel exists is because of my love of travel and my love of people.” 

~ Michele Wirth 

Michele had spent over twenty-five years as a full-time mom and volunteer before it came time for her children to attend college.  Michele had a happy and fulfilling life, but something was missing. While floating in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, her husband had an idea Michele loved of becoming a travel advisor.  The next few years were devoted to bringing that dream to reality.  September 10, 2013; Simply Travel was born!  This year we celebrate our 10th year in the business of creating family memories and granting bucket-list wishes! 

The most daring thing I’ve ever done on vacation is climb Beehive at Acadia National Park 
My favorite place to travel so far is Cappadocia, Turkey, with my two boys in May 2023. 
My current bucket list trip is a LUXURY Mega Yacht cruise around the Galapagos Islands on Celebrity Flora, and you’re welcome to join my husband and me!  November 28 – December 9, 2024. See the Bucket List Trip Tab for more information.  

– Michele

Kitty Cunningham

- Travel Advisor

Kitty has been with the Simply Travel family since 2015, but her career in travel and her travel experience far pre-date that!  Kitty loves to help her clients with their higher-end Ocean and River Cruises, custom itineraries for Europe, and more! Kitty’s clients love the wisdom and knowledge she brings and her witty personality. Kitty has always been dedicated to keeping up with the most up-to-date information in the travel industry, so you can always be assured she’ll have your back!  

The most daring thing she’s done is have a snake wrapped around her neck and head in Morocco!  
Her favorite places she’s ever traveled to is the Galapagos Islands, Paris, and Italy
Her current bucket list trip is Australia or Africa, whichever she gets to first!  
Kitty Simply Travel
Walt Sauers

Walt Sauers

- Travel Advisor

Walt has been a dear friend of Simply Travel from its very conception and has been working as a travel advisor with Simply Travel since 2018.  Walt began his love of travel while serving in the Navy Reserves as a Sea Bee, where he …before retiring in —-.  Since then, Walt has enjoyed traveling with his family and his beautiful wife, Cathy.  

The most daring thing he’s done is running from the bulls in Spain!
Diego Garcia (military) and Bahrain are his favorite places he’s traveled to.  
His current bucket list trip is watching the Northern Lights and sleeping in a glass igloo in Alaska or Finland.  

Juramei Jultulis

- Administrative Assistant

Juraimei was a God send for Simply Travel.   She began working as an assistant to Michele in June of 2022, and she couldn’t have come a second too soon. Juraimei is intelligent and efficient and helps mainly with our marketing and back office.  Juraimei is the mom of a sweet ten-year-old daughter, and we feel very fortunate to have her on our team! Juraimei’s dream is to travel to the beautiful beaches of the Philippines Islands and beyond! 
Matt and Erica

Matt and Erica

-Travel Advisor / Team Member In Training

Matt and Erica are relatively new to Simply Travel.  Matt is currently a Travel Advisor and Team member in Training, and together they have an extraordinary love for Disney and Universal Studios theme parks and helping others enjoy them!  They have been season pass holders longer than you could imagine!  Living within a 45-minute drive to all of the central Florida theme parks made it very easy for them to live their Disney passion year after year, making them the perfect advisors to help you plan your next Disney Vacation!  They also handle requests for Las Vegas, New Orleans, and theme park destinations nationwide.  

Allison Borelli

- Travel Advisor/ Team Member In Training

Allison is our newest member of the Simply Travel team, and we are thrilled to have her training to become a travel advisor and valuable team member.  Allison, by the age of 25, had already experienced places most people only dream about!  Becoming a travel advisor is a natural fit for someone as passionate about it as she is.  Allison has become an influencer of travel in Social Media circles and is excited to help clients realize their travel dreams!
Allison Borelli - Simply Travel
Future Team Member

(This Could Be You)

- Advisor / Team Member In Training

Our team is growing!  If you’re passionate about travel and interested in finding out more about training to become the newest member of our Simply Travel Team, please keep checking back!  We will be posting more information here in the next few weeks!  
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